LPS is officially approved SW from 

  • WRRC  (World Rock And Roll Confederation)
  • IDO (International Dance Organisation)

New version of
Linum Protocol and Registration Data Software (LPRDS) released - ver 5.1.7 (01.11.2016) !


Linum d.o.o

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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IBAN: HR9723600001101491048


+385 91 4914142
+385 91 1668696


Linum Protocol and Registration Data Software (LPRDS)

Our company has developed a comprehensive software suite, designed specifically for the National Dance sport federations, which covers all aspects of work within the particular federation:

Registration Software (RegSoft)

  • Registration of clubs, competitors, trainers and judges
  • Preparation of the entry data for the competitions
  • Preparation and publishing of the ranking list


Linum Protocol System (LPS / ELPS)

  • Protocol system on the competitions, for both analog and electronic judging 


Linum Results Display System (LRDS)

  • Display of the competiton information and result on the screens in the competiton hall
  • Publishing of the results on the Internet, during and after the competition
> LRDS / ELPS / LPS / RegSoft