Linum Registration Software (RegSoft)

    Linum Registration Software - RegSoft 01
    • Registration of clubs, competitors, trainers and judges:
    • Offline application for the Federation Office:
      • Complete data management and control of the registration data in the main federation office;
      • Online application for the members (clubs, dancing schools):
        • registration of the individual competitors in the national federation
        • announcements on the competitions
    Linum Registration Software - RegSoft 02
    • Preparation of the starting lists for the competitions, both online and offline
      • export to the LPS
      • export in common data formats (*.txt, *.csv, *.xml, *.xls)
    • Preparation and publishing of the ranking lists
      • import from LPS
      • import from common data formats (*.txt, *.csv, *.xml, *.xls)